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Fertilizer Market

Balancing The Fertilizer Market: Cost v.s. Efficiency

Cost v.s. Efficiency

The world demand for Fertilizers is growing (pun fully intended). Developing markets like China, India & Indonesia are major providers of ready to use fertilizers across the world as well, as covering growing local demand.

With economic advance in other areas such as Africa, fertilizer plants are being built there too.

Slow Release Fertilizers Industry is leading the way..

One of the drivers of the fertilizer industry is the resources required for the creation of the end product. Metals are used as catalysts to create fertilizers. The growing price for metals is causing manufacturers to look at different formulations. Relying on baser metals with lower costs where Iron is now a catalyst for a lot of fertilizer creation over finer metals like vanadium or palladium.

New methods of delivery like Slow Release Fertilizers are also changing the way that products are created. These methods add cost to the development, and therefore final price to farmers. This automatically slows industry uptake. Over time, slow release fertiliser will be seen to be more efficient overall. This is one advantage of using statistics & accounting over the traditional method.

Wetting Agents & Water Retention Fertilizers are a reasonably new area in the industrialized market, but have been in use in Organic Fertilizer methods for as long as we have farmed. Organic methods are wonderful in many ways but sadly, not so much in the areas of reliability, practicality & cost in large-scale farming. With care though, we are learning better how to mimic the processes of nature. These more complex products help maintain the longer-term viability of our growing environments.

Slow Release Fertilizers

Sadly, with immediate cost to the farmer still being seen as the main driver of product choice. Slow release fertilizers, wetting agents & water retention fertilizers are still a relatively small part of the overall fertilizer industry. Organic fertilizers have seen a sharper growth, but commonly they are limited in scope, as in to really do it perfectly, you have to do it in-house. This adds extra processes into each farm. Also it only works so long as your land has all the minerals you need. Slow release fertilizers & soil wetting agents still appear to be the best solutions for the larger farms we require to maintain food production for our large urban populations that require reliable, affordable foods.

Fertilizers help replenish what is taken

There is however a worry with importing fertilizers from another place. If another country is making a lot of fertilizers, which are based on the same few raw ingredients, they need to be sure to spread where they get these resources. Otherwise it is possible that a situation like that experienced by Nauru can easily occur. They strip mined their phosphate island so thoroughly that 80% of it is uninhabitable, with limited capability for fresh water and damaged local seafood. Not to mention of course, economic collapse once the resource ran out.

Slow release fertilizers & soil wetting agents built from local resources help replenish what is taken. It may not be perfect, but at least the components don’t completely leave the local system.

About UltraNaturals

We are an Australian owned company – Fertilisers Manufacturer that has been developing leading edge surfactant technology to counter weather extremes and combat hydrophobic soil conditions since the early 1980’s.

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Slow Release Fertilizers

The Benefits of using Slow Release Fertilizers to Improve Soil Condition

Slow Release Fertilizers Australia

Australian soils are renowned for becoming hydrophobic due to our long periods of no (or minimal) rain allowing soil particles to accrue a waxy coating from loose organic material. Fire creates this condition too. You know when you have hydrophobic soil as water sits instead of soaking in and you will even see soil particles floating on the water!

Wetting Agent & Slow Release Fertilisers AU

This makes watering and fertilizing to maintain soil condition more difficult, yet more important, to allow for good crop growth or nice green turf. This is where a combination of a wetting agent and slow release fertilisers is incredibly beneficial.

A Wetting Agent allows soil particles to become porous again, to hold water and nutrients instead of repelling it. This has a triple advantage as the ground holds water more evenly so you struggle less with both lack of moisture and trapped water. Each soil grain can again hold water and let it pass when there is a build-up. This reduces overall water usage whilst allowing plant roots to establish better with less disease and algae growth.

Slow Release Fertilizers Australia are like any other fertilizer at heart but they behave differently. From either the nature of the compound used or by covering the fertilizer with a coating, a fertilizer can release its goodness over a longer period of time. This can bring several positives. Too much, too fast, can cause fertilisers to “burn” the soil and plants they were intended to help. Slowing release, prevents this as well as dramatically reducing how often costly labour is required to apply the fertilizer.

HydroPro Turf

Some products, like our HYDROPRO Turf can be applied with spacing as long as once per season instead of every week or month. This reduces business costs which is something we all need.

Slow release fertilizer is commonly achieved with a compound that naturally releases nitrogen or phosphates in the way it naturally decays from one chemical form to another. While this could be done with typical “compost heap” methods which develop slow release fertilizer methods, it is not practical or even safe to store and transport large amounts of decaying materials that are not only heavy but have explosive potential.

Help Minimise Environmental Concerns

Slow release fertilisers Australia also help minimise environmental concerns. A standard fertiliser has the ability, if dislodged from where it “belongs”, to negatively affect waterways and everything dependent upon them very heavily as it is “all there at once”. Slow Release fertilisers should not be encouraged into waterways, but their slower yield of actives means that they have a more muted effect if heavy rains move then into waterways.

Slow release fertilisers still account for a relatively small amount of the overall market, but over time, we hope that uptake will be greater as the overall advantages in sower fertiliser delivery systems is more in-line with the way nature does things herself and those systems work very well indeed.

About UltraNaturals

We are an Australian owned company – Fertilisers Manufacturer that has been developing leading edge surfactant technology to counter weather extremes and combat hydrophobic soil conditions since the early 1980’s.

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The post Slow Release Fertilizers Australia Benefits appeared first on UltraNaturals Fertilizers.